Friday, January 25, 2013

Thursday evening run done, good temp, good pace, did have a twinge in my left knee which took the first three miles to work itself out.  Could still feel it after the run & even a bit today.  Never had any knee issues, hope I don’t start now.

Used the new lifeproof armband.  I’m a big fan of the lifeproof case, but the armband seems to me to have at least one flaw; the band itself is not made of a heavy duty elastic, instead it’s some sort of nylon fabric w/ no stretch at all.  As such, it’s difficult to get comfortable, it’s either too tight & not slipping or too loose & slipping.  Other than that issue, it’s great.  Phone clips in & out solid, feels very sturdy, looks cool, maybe I’ll get used to the band but I do wish it had at least a little give.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

well naked daddy may be making a return, I got a bit bored & boring & just petered out on the blogging.  I’ve kept up the running except for 2 weeks that we were in Puerto Rico for Christmas.  Will be doing the Pensacola Half Marathon in April.  Whoop de Do!