Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On Saturday I got to try stand up paddle boarding, something I’ve been interested in after seeing people using them in Pensacola.  I rented a Hobie board from Da Beach House, a local paddle board & kayak business, & got some basic instruction from Tod, the business owner.  After a bit of wobble, I started to get the feel for it & took off down the coast.  It was cloudy & drizzling when I started & the water was pretty flat.  There had been a storm the night before so there was a good bit of debris from the islands & quite a few jellyfish.  The first hour or so stayed grey & flat & calm, at one point I just stopped & sat on the board for awhile, watching the pelicans.  I guess because the weather was kind of crappy I was the only one on the water.  When the sun came out, there were more boaters & a little chop.  I really enjoyed myself & plan on doing more.  I want to rent a couple more times here & also try to get in some time in Pensacola where there will be some surf.  I think I need some more instruction as well.  It definitely gives one a full body workout & seems like a great cross training exercise.

Regular beach run yesterday evening & did my sunrise neighborhood run this morning.  Just as I was to start the beach run, my ipod gave out which I guess is better than having it go out later & then just having something useless to carry.  I thought I’d charged it, it may be time for a new one.  My shins seemed to do a little better, I didn’t have to stop at least.  About a mile in I heard a big splash & turned to see what I think was an eagle taking a fish just off shore.  He was a good deal larger than an osprey which we don't tend to have here anyway & our eagle population has grown after Katrina, I think  because all the dead trees made for good nesting sites.  It was pretty cool to see.

First day of school today!  My best buddy’s starting second grade.  Went to meet the teacher yesterday, turns out she’s a runner so she’s bound to be OK!

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