Monday, August 20, 2012

Thoughts from Sunday’s LSD run

It is not my fault that I don’t recognize women that I know from somewhere else when I pass them running.  This has happened several times lately.  It is the fault of women runners who look at me like I’m some kind of pervert when I smile or make even brief eye contact.  I understand the world is full of weirdos & you have to be careful but hey, come on, I’m an old, slow, funny looking guy who can barely muster a feeble wave & a nod, lighten up.  I’ve gotten so that I just look at the ground when I pass a female runner.

after reading this article
earlier in the week, I thought of a great new app for the iphone!  It’s the Target App!  It would be marketed to the moron gun nut demographic & would consist of. . .  wait for it! . . . a target!  Ta Da!  Of course they’d only get to use it once & then there’d be that “Oh dang” moment that we hope will be captured for youtube.

I really like Greek food.

Even though it is in fact still August, there has been just a hint, a very small hint, of Fall in the air for the last couple of days.  My sunrise runs this weekend were very nice & I’m looking forward to this week’s runs.  I know there’s still a good bit of hot weather ahead & that we are not out hurricane season by a long shot but I’m excited at the idea of long cool runs getting ready for the October half marathon in New Orleans.  I love Fall.

My sweat smells funny after I eat Greek food, that’s what made me think of that.  But I do, I really like Greek food.


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  1. I have felt the hint of fall in the air here too. It's a lovely feeling. I can't wait until we're about midway through September. That's when the weather starts to be just about perfect for me.