Thursday, May 31, 2012

Decided to go for my run even though we’re under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning & things were darkening up ominously. Got to Courthouse Pier as the rain started or restarted & headed East. Got about a mile out when the wind picked up to where I thought I might possibly be blown off the sea wall. Turned around & ran into the wind back to Courthouse. That was the worst part as the wind was gusting & the rain stung. At Courthouse, I decided to keep going & ran on to Hewes Ave. as the lightning got closer & the thunder got louder. Turned around when I begin to think I could smell the lightning. So, I ran just over 4 miles in the rain & wind & lightning. A few people honked their horns at me, I tried to imagine it was to be encouraging but I rather think their intentions might have been less generous. It was a good run.

I’ve begun reading a novel, Little, Big, that I’d not heard of before & that was written by a novelist, John Crowley, who I am not familiar with. I’ve read just a little of it, although as I’m reading on a Kindle that’s not really very easy to determine, but I am finding it quite a nice surprise. It is apparently a long novel, I felt that I’d been reading for some time but when I exited the book it showed I’d read less than 20%. That’s an odd aspect of reading on a Kindle, one engages the book as a single page w/ a sort of independent physical existence. My reading of War and Peace, for instance, was different than the reading of In Watermelon Sugar in ways that begin w/ simply picking up & holding the books. On the Kindle, that quality is missing.

It makes me happy to think that it will be long, it is a world that I am enjoying inhabiting. In some ways it reminds me of One Hundred Years Of Solitude, but I don’t think it would fit w/ what one ordinarily thinks of as magic realism, more of fantasy I suppose. Even so, the feel/taste/smell of reading the two books is, so far, very similar.

This Kindle has re-excited my reading life. I’m liking the experience of pulling random books from the air at will & the physical experience of reading on a Kindle, which I’d had my doubts about, is a nice one. I have a heavy leather cover that opens & holds like a book so I’ve maintained the comfort of habit.

So, this evening I ran 4 miles in the rain on the beach while thinking of a house that is many houses, a wood that grows larger the deeper one goes into it, & a lovely, tall girl named Daily Alice.

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