Thursday, May 24, 2012

Today is Bob Dylan’s 71st birthday! Happy Birthday Bob! I’m very thankful that you’ve been in the world at the same time that I have. It’s made it that much more bearable. For today's run I loaded up two of my all time favorites, Bringing It All Back Home & Blonde on Blonde. Both of these albums are from the mid & late 60’s when he was saturated w/ himself & poetry crackled in the air around him. I love to see film of him from that time, it’s like looking at one of those plasma globes.

It was a very nice run, there were bikers here for Memorial Day Blowout, pelicans, gulls, walkers, & runners. Bikers don’t see that many runners apparently, I got a lot of whoops & hollers. Nothing ugly. I hadn’t listened to Bringing It All Back Home in quite a while so that was absorbing. I’m as astounded by it today as I was when I first heard it. In 1973 I started high school & met a guy named David Thornton. He played Positively 4th Street for me. Changed my world. Don’t know where David is now, he’s one of the people I’ve lost.

Bringing It All Back Home came out in 1965. Dylan was 24. Between March of ‘65 & June of ‘66, Dylan came out w/ BIABH, Highway 61, & Blonde on Blonde. 

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