Friday, May 11, 2012

Well it’s been a week since I had the surgery & I go in Monday to get the stitches out (I hope anyway).  Now I only run about 20 miles a week, maybe just a little more than that, & you might not think a week off would make that much difference, but I’ve been just about to lose my mind.  I’ve been irritable & anxious, snapping at everybody, my wife’s mad at me & my kid’s avoiding me.  The dog’s the only one tolerating me right now & she may think she has to as I’m the one that feeds her.  OK, maybe it’s not been that bad, but I haven’t been my usual chillaxing self & it’s because I can’t get out there & run!  The weather’s been great, cool nights & breezy afternoons, & we won’t get many more days like this before we get into the misery of summer & I CAN’T GET OUT THERE & RUN!  FOR A WHOLE WEEK!  I’m feeling sorry for myself.  And my incision itches.

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