Wednesday, June 13, 2012

6.12.12 Tuesday afternoon.
It’s been raining here since Friday, 5 days & counting!  Saturday & Sunday we got somewhere in the neighborhood of 9 inches.  I got up @ 5:30 Sunday morning to get my 7 miles in, stood for a while at the kitchen window watching the rain fall & the lightning flash.  “You know,” I told myself, “I do this for fun.  I do this because I want to.”  Then I went back to bed, because I wanted to.

That’s OK.  I do run for fun & because I want to & I really missed that run.  I told myself I’d try to get it in if it slacked off later but I didn’t.  It kept raining, the family had stuff they wanted to do, yada yada yada.  It’s not that I don't run in the rain, in the winter that’s a deal breaker but in summer rain’s fun & grown ups don’t get that many chances to play in it.  Running single mindedly down the seawall in a downpour, I may look like an idiot but I can tell myself I look determined or committed, even hardcore.  Dancing around in the yard doesn't offer that opportunity for self-delusion.  It wasn’t even the lightning, I’m kind of stupid that way, I like lightning right up until it gets too close which is about an hour after I should have sought shelter.  No, I didn’t run because at that moment, getting back in bed seemed more attractive than getting out in a torrential downpour.

6.12.12 Tuesday evening.
I was really looking forward to this run. I didn’t get to run.   My son has a belly ache.  Daddys are flexible.

6.13.12 Wednesday morning. 5:00 am.
Finally!  Managed a short & quick 3 miles at sunrise.  Birds waking, herons flying over, raccoons straggling home, got home & rescued a turtle & 2 baby birds from the dog . . .  all before breakfast!  

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