Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy day, Father’s Day, so I’m just now getting to this.  Had a very nice day, starting at 5:30 when I got up for my run.  It’s my long slow distance run, so I loaded up Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks & Graham Parsons GP on the ipod.  Don’t know why that seemed appropriate, there’s nothing particularly similar about them, but the two albums actually worked well together.  Contemplative I guess, & well suited to my needs.  

It was a beautiful morning, & quiet.  Got to the beach by 6:00 am, everything was just waking up.  Light breeze & a great temp (69 degrees) made for a good start.  Headed out East, running into the sun, watching the pelicans & other shore birds fishing as well as a few fishermen w/ cast nets or wade fishing.  Usually, I’ll have the ipod on shuffle, but neither of these albums work well that way.  I listened to Astral Weeks as I watched the sun rise & then Graham Parsons on the way back.  Made for a very nice run.

Father’s Day was wonderful.  At 53 years old I’m the very proud father of a 7 year old.  Having a child late in life, I appreciate the honor maybe a bit more than I would have earlier.

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