Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Finally getting back out for an afternoon run after missing them all of last week as I was busy being the dutiful Daddy. Today, my wife got in on time to take our young man to his Taekwondo & I can get back on my regular schedule. Last week I added a 5 mile run on Saturday to make up for one missed. I enjoy the weekend sunrise runs & I think I will keep a 5 miler on Saturdays which will put me at 25 miles weekly. I can promise you that I never thought I’d hear myself saying that. It wasn’t that long ago that the notion of running for 3 miles seemed like something only crazy people do. I’m hoping (a little anyway) that keeping the mileage up during the Summer will pay dividends when I do my usual half marathon in the Fall. I’m not one to worry about time, I’m at peace w/ my slowness & even have a tortoise tattooed on my left calf as my “running tattoo”, but it would be nice to at least approach the 2 hour mark. My fastest half was 2 hrs 16 mins. We won’t talk about my slowest.

So it was a good beach run, hot as um, the dickens whatever a dickens is, but done. Don't suppose they meant Charles do you? My shins were hurting badly at first, even stopped at the 2 mile mark to stretch a bit. Let up after that & didn’t have any more difficulties.

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