Friday, July 13, 2012

Back to normal after yesterday's political rant, my afternoon beach run did get done.  It’s still crazy hot, imagine!  The seawall I run on is about 10’ wide & white cement.  It soaks up the sun all day so that by the time I get there it’s hot enough that I think it could melt the soles of my shoes if I stood still long enough.  The breeze felt like the furnace some friends of mine used for glass blowing.  

I’ve been having some problems w/ pain in my shins, particularly my right.  It goes away after about 2 miles but at times has been bad enough that I’ve considered stopping.  I am also having an issue w/ my left shoe which has suddenly become too small!  Don’t know how the hell that happened.  Anyway, I think this afternoon will involve some shoe shopping.

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