Friday, July 20, 2012

We’ve been having an abundance of rain here on the Gulf Coast, feel guilty about it when I read about the drought conditions other areas are experiencing.  I’ve gone whole summers w/out running in the rain even once but this year it’s becoming the norm.  Not that I mind, a good rain is just the ticket when it’s in the mid 90’s.  During the winter, not so much, I’ll run in the cold & I’ll run in the rain but I’m not real happy about running in the cold rain.  

Yesterday we had a pretty fair thunderstorm come through in the afternoon & by the time I went for my run it was still drizzling & COOL!  MID 70’S!  IT FELT GREAT!  Most of my summer runs are sweaty plodding acts of stubbornness that are to be endured more than enjoyed, this was a lovely taste of why I run.  Had a few folks honk at me, I try to think they are being supportive but I know they’re thinking “what an idiot, out there running in the rain.”  Personally, I don’t know why everyone doesn't strip down to a pair of shorts & go for a run on a rainy afternoon!  Really, how many chances do you get?

I’m having earbud issues right now, I’d had a pair of the behind the neck type that I liked well enough until one side quit on me.  I tried a pair of the JVC Sport Clips, they wouldn’t stay in my ear but wound up sort of dangling near my ear which wasn’t terribly satisfactory.  I may go w/ a pair of the Yurbuds but I want to look around a bit more.  Things I liked about the behind the neck type were the ease of one handedly taking them on & off & that I could easily hang them around my neck.  I carry a handheld water bottle & fumbling w/ twist in earbuds might be a pain.  

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