Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ok, took the shoes back to the store (Run -n- Tri) & they exchanged them w/ no problems.  Brought home this pair of Brooks Glycerin.  1st run in them yesterday evening & I loved them!  Even felt a bit decadent.  I’m running nearly all my runs now at the seawall which is a hard cement surface so I thought I might do well to get one of the more “cushioned” shoes.  These certainly are that but w/out feeling mushy.  W/ so many competing theories & opinions out there as to what shoe does what & might be best & what running style might be best it’s hard to know what to do, I try to pay attention to the information that’s there but in the end I just do what feels best to me.  My main objective is to be able to run & to be able to run for many years to come.

So, good runs yesterday evening & this morning, my earbuds gave out on me yesterday about 2 miles into a 5 mile run.  I’d have thought they might last longer than a few months even w/ my sweaty ears but oh well.  I’ll be looking for a new pair this afternoon.  Decent sound from buds that stay in my ear is what I ask for.

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