Monday, July 30, 2012

We are having some computer issues at home so I’m late posting.  The weekend runs did get done, 5 miles on saturday & 7 on sunday.  It was hot & sticky both mornings even that early, w/ little wind & a few clouds.  All my pelicans, cranes, herons, gulls & fishermen were out along w/ one guy kayak fishing & a couple on stand up paddle boards.  The water was pretty calm both mornings.  

I was all happy about being able to carry my phone until I took the case off after a run & saw it was full of sweat.  Don’t know how I managed that but I'm pretty sure it’s not good for the phone.  Carried my ipod sunday & it died on me at the turnaround.  Think I drowned it.  Let it dry for awhile & put it on to charge last night.  Seemed to take a charge so I’m hopeful.  I love my istuff.  


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