Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I’ll be giving blood later this afternoon, so I ran this morning rather than doing my usual Tuesday afternoon run.  I’ve given blood in the evening & then run the next morning w/out issue, but I figure running just a couple hours after might be ill advised.  The early morning is a pleasure in itself, Venus & Jupiter are very bright right now & w/out a moon, the sky was full of stars.  I ran in the neighborhood & all the houses were dark & quiet, everyone asleep, still the pre-dawn dark so the birds hadn’t even gotten started yet.   Just the sound of my breath & footsteps.  One fat old raccoon waddled across the road in front of me.  A couple of years ago I often saw a fox on these early mornings but I guess she’s moved on.  As I finished, the sky was brightening & the birds were cranking up.  Makes for a good morning & good mornings make for good days.   

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