Saturday, July 21, 2012

Picked up a set of the Yurbuds on my way home from work yesterday, tried them out this morning & was very pleased. Once I got over the idea that they were as large as they are & followed the instructions, I realized what a good idea they were! They sort of lock in the ear, I could tug on them pretty good w/ out worrying that they might come out. As to the sound, they are a bit bass heavy, surprisingly, compared to others I’ve tried but more than adequate for my needs. After just the one run, I’m not ready to give an unguarded endorsement but so far I am happy w/ them.

The sky had cleared this morning & the sun peeked out! It was still fairly cool & there was a light breeze which made for a very pleasant run. The tide was out & the water in the sound was like glass. Wish I had a SUP!

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