Friday, July 27, 2012

Breaking News:  It’s still HOT!  

Yeah I know, it’s July.  In other news, it’s almost August!  Forecast for August?  HOT!  Might rain.  Might not.  Sometimes there’s Hurricanes.  Sometimes they go somewheres else.  Sometimes they come here.  Then it’s September & eventually it’ll start to cool off.  But right now, it’s hot.

Film at 11:00.

Had packages waiting for me when I got home from work, I love packages.  Got my Sorbothane insoles, my drymax socks, my Marware shell for my phone, & my Sennheiser earbuds!  Life should be good, my runs should all be smooth, & I should be running much faster than I ever have before!  Well, life’s pretty good anyway.  The insoles & socks did what they do & well.  The Marware shell is the best I’ve tried at keeping the phone secure & DRY.  I sweat a lot.  The earbuds actually were pretty great, comfortable, killer sound, what’s not to like.

As I was now able to carry my phone, I was now able to listen to Pandora!  Yay!  Made me feel really old & out of touch.  Instead of setting it to a station I’d created, I just set it to “Alternative”.  I liked what I heard well enough but I didn’t recognize any of the bands or songs.  I’m such a relic.  

Yesterday’s evening beach run went ok.  Strong crosswind as I got started which is what you want, doesn't help or hinder but it’s nice to have a breeze.  About a mile & a half in I realized it was now blowing more from my back & at two & a half miles when I turned around it was blowing hard & I was running directly into it.  The run back was a struggle.  Not only was it a hard steady wind, but the sand really stings.  I think I lost a layer of skin & my legs felt like I’d run up a two & a half mile stairway.  


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