Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday sunrise long run did get done, I’m just now getting to posting it.  The run itself went fine, I left the new shoes at home & ran in my faithful Cumulas 14’s.  I just couldn’t get over feeling like I was wearing clown shoes in the new ones, I think 12.5 is just too large.  I’m going to take them back this afternoon & see if I can exchange them.  I’d like to try the Ghost 5 as I was happy w/ the Ghost 4 other than a bit tight in the toe.  Will see.  Plus, I like the Brooks colors, when you’re old, slow & gawkey like me, flashy gear makes all the difference!

I’d loaded up the ipod Friday night but didn’t carry it Saturday as it was raining.  I’d selected the Shins, Oh, Inverted World, & listened to that on the way out, running into a cloudy sunrise.  After the turnaround, I skipped ahead to the live version of Jane Says for a little aural palate cleansing & then finished up w/ the Pixies Surfer Rosa for the return.  Just as Jane Says ended I looked up & saw a double rainbow.

It was a windy, overcast day so the temp was pretty good.  The tide was up & the water was rough for the sound.  Lots of my birds, had a group of at least 20 Pelicans flying in front of me in a large V.  They were w/ me for quite a ways allowing me the illusion of meaningful contact w/ the world around me.

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