Saturday, July 14, 2012

had the alarm set for 5:30, woke to thunder at 5:00, thought about staying in bed but wanted to try out the new shoes. It was raining but gently as I drove to Courthouse Pier, sat there in the truck for awhile, looked at the weather map on my phone a few times, pretty good bit of lightning but the rain wasn’t getting any harder so I went for it. Had to leave the ipod behind but running in the rain was pretty nice actually. Hardly anyone out, couple diehard wade fishermen & one very determined golfer. My birds seem to have gotten over the fireworks & made their way back, they were huddled on the sand & pilings. All in all, it was a pretty nice morning & a good run. The new shoes felt good although I’m still getting used to them being a half size larger. Feel a little like clown shoes. They’re stuffed w/ newspaper drying now. Extra bonus, it’s still raining so I won’t be cutting the grass today!

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